Insulating Materials

Glass wool Insulation (Fibre glass)

One of the best thermal insulating materials is air, but motionless air. In order to immobilize the air, it is necessary to confine either in cells or in network of fines possible fibres. This is what obtained with glass wool which is made of 1% glass and 99% air.


Thermal insulation in construction
Thermal insulation in industry
Glass wool against noise
Glass wool against fire

Kimmco Products

Building Roll
Building Slab
Duct Insulation
Duct Liner
Clean Liner
ALU Duct
Rigid Pipe Covering
LAMELLA Insulation
Duct Insulation Plus
Marine Board



Rock wool insulation material

The rock fibre products are made from selected minerals by melting them at 1500C and by spinning this melt to very fine fibres. Rock wool can be produced in various shapes, thickness and densities and with different facings.


Long lasting and unchanged thermal resistance
Easy to handle, light weight and robust
Covers a wide temperature range

Ceramic wool insulation

Ceramic wool is used for the high temperature insulation materials. Ceramic wool is used for kelins, or any place where temperature reaches up to 1500C. It is available in blanket and board forms. The brand is Holfland Ceramics.


Ceramic Blanket


Ceramic Board

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