Corporate Information

Bashir Ali Syed (BAS) Group is exclusively consist on two companies:

B.A Syed & Co.
M.H Shah & Co.

History (1937 - 1966)

Bashir Ali Syed invested his life time savings to become the exclusive distributor of industrial products. Hearing about the growing demand for industrial products in Local market that was dominated by the Hindu traders (Hindu Baniyas) at that time, this man with his broad vision, opened up a distribution centre in that market. It was 1937, the period before independence. As being the only Muslim trader in that market, almost all Muslim industrialists preferred to make their purchases from him; this was the biggest competitive edge for this new entrant to survive in this already established market.

1966 - Present

After completing the studies; his son Syed Mubashir Ali, current CEO of BAS Group, joined his family business, his vision was broad and also has all capabilities of a true entrepreneur, previously all the purchases were made locally, in 1978 he started for the first time in the history of BAS group to trade business products from outside. In a short span of time he expanded his business by opening up other facilities and by diversifying the product line.

Currently we are dealing in a diverse range of products for both industrial as well as domestic users. Our major focus is on 15 large industries of Pakistan including: Sugar, Ghee, Textile, Refrigeration, fertilizer, Paper and Board, Steel, Pharmaceuticals, Cement, Oil Refineries, Power Generation, Food and Beverages, Buildings and Hotels, Automobile and chemicals.

We have broad customer base in almost all the cities, in recent years, we have also started to export some related items to Afghanistan. We have long term relationships with our supplier in different countries including KSE, UAE, Kuwait, China, Germany, UK, America and Taiwan. To gain higher market share and to boost profitability we are planning to expand our operation in the different areas as well.

Quality Policy

“Focusing on latest technology to bring new products to benefit our local industry and Continuous improvement in product quality to satisfy our customers.”


  • To safe guard the interest of the share holders

  • Profit maximization through cost reduction

  • To capture maximum market share by increasing our customer base

  • To provide quality products to our customers in order to retain them

  • To develop long term relations with our suppliers